Auto Standby Pro

AutoStandByPro is a lightweight, intuitive and user friendly rule based utility that will help you reduce your electricity bills by putting your computer to a lower power state when it is not needed. AutoStandByPro is an extension of the power management system that is already present on a Windows computer but with better and more comprehensive features. With proper use AutoStandByPro will help you to effectively manage the power requirements of your computer.

With AutoStandByPro you can Shutdown, Restart, Sleep, Hibernate, Lock Computer, Log Off User, Prevent Sleep/Hibernation, Prevent Display Sleep or execute a Custom Action using a combination of different conditions such as Date/Time, Computer Display, User/System Process, Windows Service, User/Keyboard/Mouse Activity, CPU/Disk/Network/Download/Upload Activity, Reachable Devices on the network, Power Requests and Http Get/Post Requests. Additionally AutoStandByPro can Wake Up a computer from a sleep state based on different date/time user defined schedules (Features Explained).
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Option to manually start program

Do not force autostart. Allow manual operation of program when wanted.
kc4cop, 28.05.2016, 15:48